Food Safety

At DNO, we take food safety very seriously. We are FSMA compliant and GFSI certified. The following is a little more about how we keep our fresh cut products safe:


Supplier Approval Program

Before We Buy. As part of FSMA and GFSI compliancy, we request approval documentation from any new supplier. At a minimum, we require a third-party audit report, signed letter of guarantee, HACCP plan, and certificate of insurance, but depending on the supplier we may require more. Each potential new supplier is vetted by our Quality Assurance and Food Safety team before the first purchase order.

Continued Business. We routinely request updated documentation from our suppliers to insure that our suppliers are keeping up to date with their food safety procedures.

Helping Small Farmers. We recognize the challenges that come with maintaining a food safety program and are happy to help our valued small farmers who lack the resources. We are happy to help consult with the farms as well as direct them to the right resources to get them in compliance.

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FSMA Compliance

As a part of its FSMA compliance, DNO maintains:

  • A thorough HACCP Plan detailing our critical and preventative control points.

  • An active Corrective Action Plan which takes into account any concern from audits, customer complaints, observations, or opportunities for improvement.

  • A careful Allergen Control Plan with designated allergen areas and equipment.

  • A routine Audit Schedule inclusive of third-party audits, internal audits and monthly inspections to ensure food safety programs are intact at all times.

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Environmental Monitoring

DNO maintains a three-zoned environmental monitoring program. The program consists of:

  • Weekly monitoring plan of all zones

  • Third-party microbiological testing

  • Routine water and air quality testing

  • Quarterly sanitation validations