Berry Cool: Southern California Strawberries

When thinking of this popular red berry, many imagine summer afternoons and cold ice cream both of which may be unpleasant to picture with these below zero temperatures! However, in the warmer west coast region, harvest is ramping up. In Ventura County California specifically, the harvesting period began in mid-December and runs through mid-July. This area is also responsible for more than 27% of the entire state’s strawberries. Overall, California distributes as much as 88% of the US’s crop. Here in Ohio though, strawberries aren’t going to be in season until the end of May or early June.

When summer does choose to warm us up, DNO sources all types of local berries - not just strawberries! - and distributes them to its customers who put them into products such as ice-creams, juices, and purees.

Some uses for wintertime strawberries include canning them for jams or jellies, dropping them into glasses of champagne or wine during the holidays, and whipping up some healthy breakfast smoothies when it’s too cold to get out of bed early enough to make a heartier breakfast.

So while we all weather these wintertime blues, let’s make due with the wonderful berry crop coming out of southern California.

Kaitlyn Moore