Eating With the Winter Season

The start of a new year generally means a shift in healthy living for most. You hear a lot of people trying to eat better and work out more the first few weeks, but how can we make those resolutions sustainable?

Being in the produce industry my first thought is why not try eating seasonally. Not only is there great produce out right now, but eating seasonally guarantees great quality and maximum flavor.

What’s in season now?

  • Citrus- Citrus is at its peak right now! Have fun trying different varieties.

    • Try slices of blood oranges with with honey and ricotta on toast.

    • Cara Cara oranges are a sweet Navel variety in its peak right now.

    • Tangelos are my personal obsession right now. Easy to peel and easy to identify by the protruding neck leading to the stem, they are a refreshing citrus variety guaranteed to have you wanting more.

  • Kiwi- If you find yourself craving berries in the winter, reach for a kiwi instead.

    • Kiwis add zing to smoothies, sweetness to salads and color to baked goods.

  • Cabbage- A head of cabbage can go a long way, and winter cabbage has hearty leaves that are just asking to be cooked.

    • Shred cabbage and add to a stir fry.

    • Looking for some comfort food? Try stuffed cabbage or my mom’s time-saving creation, “Unstuffed” stuffed cabbage. For the unstuffed version, throw all of your stuffed cabbage fixins (ground meat, cabbage, tomatoes, rice/ barley, seasoning) into a casserole dish or crock pot, and let it cook. You get the same flavors as stuffed cabbage without all of the roll out time.

  • Spinach- Spinach is being grown in all of its regions right now, so the options available to you should be at their peak.

    • Add some green power to your morning smoothies

    • Swap out iceberg or romaine for this darker leaf. Throw in some kiwis and nuts for the ultimate winter salad.

Rachel Weiler